2020 "LeseUFO" by Grotest Maru

Directed by Ursula M.Berzborn & Heike Scharpff

2020  "Amelia" Street Theater Solo by Kazibaze Theater

2019 "Propeller" by Grotest Maru.

Directed by Ursula M. Berzborn

Germany/ China

2018 "Mayana und das Geheimnis des Maya-Tempels" by

Das letztes Kleinod . Directed by Juliane Lenssen. Bremerhaven

2017 "Cosmo" by Kazibaze Theater. Berlin/ Italy 

2015 "Absender Unbekannt" by Kazibaze Theater . Berlin


2015 "Berliner Luft" by Grotest Maru.

Directed by U.Berzborn. 


2015-2017 "Parada Narrnia" by Grotest Maru.

Directed Ursula M.Berzborn.

 Germany /Rumania/Poland/China/Israel 


2015-2017 "Phalanx Bamboo" by Grotest Maru.

Directed by Ursula M. Berzborn.

Germany/ Rumania/China/Belgium


2014 "Jamie und der Pirat" by Kazibaze Theater. Berlin/Italy


2012-2015 "Theater am Tisch" .Public spaces in Berlin. 


2013-2015 "Altbau" Site specific

Directed by M. Rodríguez & C. Taylor.


2013 "Reigen. Tanz der Kulturen"

Directed by Poyraz Türkay. Theater OMU. Berlin. 


2012 "Get away" theater piece by Theater am Tisch. Berlin.


2012 "Zwei Omas und ein Buch" kinder theater

by Kazibaze Theater.


2012  "Save you Hate me” Performance. 

Directed by C.Oates & P.  Starret. Berlin


2009 "L'amic de la mort" puppet show

Directed by A.Casas. Barcelona


2008 "Aixó es mortal" commedia dell'arte.

Directed by M.Coodinachs. Barcelona 



2019 "Madre mía" Short Film. Directed by Altair Hernández


2018 "Wohnungssuche" Short Film. Directed by Enzo Jerez 

2014 "La Cadena". Short  Film. Directed by Kaspar Kamu.


2013 "Afschrift Absolut" video dance. Directed by La Familia Colective and Keren Chernizon.


2011 Spot TV Arte Univers.


2010 "Noche de Reyes". Short Film. Directed by L.Fernández. 


2009 "Hombre muerto". Short Film.  Directed by J.Linares.


2009 "Parecidos". Short Film.  Directed by J.Linares. 


2009 "Noche. Exterior". Short Film. Directed by J.Linares. 







2019 "Kollaps" Research by Ren Saibara  

FLAUSEN ResidenceTheater neben dem Turm. Magdeburg 

2018 "Ovids Traum" Directed by Bille Behr. Theater ANU

2017 "Equinox" aerial performance by Grotest Maru.

 Directed by Ursula M. Berzborn. Berlin/ Egypt

2016/2017 "Detached" Anderplatz Collective

Directed by Valentina Bordenave/Natasha Nixon. Dock 11 Berlin. 

2016 "Tabula Rasa" directed by Alexandra Rauh & Gunnar Seidel. Tafelhalle Nürnberg

2015 "Timebank" aerial performance by Grostest Maru.

Directed by Ursula M. Berzborn. Berlin/Croatia/Rumania/Italy


2015 "Strange". Directed by Stella Zannou. Collaboration. Berlin 

2015 "Zweich". Directed by M. Rodriguez & Clara Gracia 

2014 "Die Entstehung des Lebens" Directed by Y,Werner.Potsdam


2013-2012 "Shuffle" by La Familia Collective. Berlin


2012 "Urbanscapes"  Collaboration. 

Directed by Lukas Matthaei & Ingo Reulecke. Dock 11. Berlin 


2012 "Someone has jumped into my bubble" dance theater solo Directed by Clara Gracia & Kazibaze Theater. Berlin


2012 Collaboration with Maya Carroll in UNESCO event in the Ministery of Foreign Affairs. Berlin


2011 Dancer in the re-opening “Sophiensaele

Directed by Nir de Volff. Berlin


2011 "Fuge” Junjun Science company

Directed by Jun Takahashi. Berlin


2011 "Unearthing our fore-bearers", dance theater piece.

Directed by Meredith Nadler.

Uferstudios/Neue Synagogue. Berlin.


2010-2011 Assitant director in "Berlin Elsewheres" with the company "Constanza Macras. Dorkypark" (internship). Schaubühne. Berlin


2010 "Pathos" directed by Marijo Alonso. Barcelona


Clara Gracia

Photo: Daniel Nartschick